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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Slough Creek - September
September is a good month to be on Slough Creek for two good reasons.
Blue-winged olives and Drake Mackerels. The Drake Mackerel is  the common
name for an
Ephemera vulgata. These mayflies are in the same genus as the
Brown Drakes and Eastern Green Drakes.

The number of anglers should slack off during the month and you should be
able to have some pools to yourself that wouldn't normally be very easy to
access. The weather can vary greatly, so you need to be prepared for just
about anything from heavy rainfall to snow to wonderful warm, nice days.

The cutthroats will have seen a lot of flies by September, so you will need to use
a little more stealth than your would earlier in the season. An imitation of  the
large drake mackerel will quickly get their attention.

Don't overlook the lower section of Slough Creek. Although it is heavily
pressured during the early season, it isn't usually busy with anglers during
September. The trout won't average as large as they will in the upper meadows
but there should be plenty of action.

Don't overlook the little BWOs. If the day is cloudy, you should see some
hatches of little BWOs, hook size 20 and later in the month, hatches of the
baetis species, hook size 18.

Terrestrials will still normally produce, even after the first snowfall or two. Ants,
beetles and grasshopper imitations work throughout the month. You should also
have some streamers along with you. Although you want normally need any,
they will come in handy if the water gets dingy.

All things considered, Slough Creek should be on your list of considerations if
you plan on visiting the Northeast corner of the park.