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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Lewis River - September
The Lewis River Channel can be a good destination during the later part of
September. Large brown trout will move into the channel to spawn. This is one
of the better locations in the park to fish for pre-spawn browns. It lies between
Shoshone Lake and Lewis Lake.

This Lewis Channel can be accessed by boat or from the Lewis River Trail. You
can access the trail at Dogshead Trailhead. This trailhead is located about eight
miles from the West Thumb on the South Entrance Road. It's about a three mile
hike to the channel. It can be well worth the trip if you are there near the end of
the month.

These large browns can usually be taken on streamers. Large nymphs will work
but not as well as the streamers. These fish are very aggressive at this time and
its usually not a big problem to get them to strike if you can get the fly near them.

The section below Lewis Lake and downstream to the Falls located about two
miles below the Grand Loop Road Bridge would be questionable. You may do
well in the fast water above the bridge but the smooth section below it won't be
good until near the end of the month.

The canyon section below the falls isn't worth the effort it takes to fish it unless
you can find some migrating brown trout in the spawning mode. They will move
into the river from the Snake River. They sometimes move all the way from
Jackson Lake to the base of the falls to spawn. If you attempt to catch this
activity, I would suggest waiting to near the end of the month.

In short, the Lewis River can be a great late destination from mid September on
but I wouldn't go out of the way to fish it otherwise.

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