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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Gardner River - September
The Gardner River can be a good destination during the month of September
but the best opportunities would come later in the month when the weather has
cooled off from the dog days of Summer. Apparently, only a few anglers agree
with me because I have seen very few anglers fishing the Gardner during
September. That is just another good reason to fish it as far as I am concerned.

In the Upper Gardner River, above the Grand Loop Road, you will find mostly
brook trout. You can catch plenty of them above and below the road down to
near the canyon. Below Ospray Falls you will find mostly rainbow trout but I
wouldn't consider it worth the hike up through the Sheepeater Canyon it
requires to fish it at this time of the year. There's simply plenty of other water to
choose from. From the High Bridge on the Grand Loop Road leading to Tower
downstream, you will find both rainbow and brown trout. During the last part of
September, you may even find some large brown trout that have moved into the
Gardner River from the Yellowstone River to spawn. They will travel as far
upstream as Ospray Falls.

The Gardner Canyon is also a good section to fish during late September. It can
be accessed from the Lava Creek Trailhead near Mammoth Campground. The
sections above and below the 45th Parallel Bridge is also good during late
September. There is a large meadow section just downstream of the bridge. It
can be excellent at times. The high grass alway has a huge supply of
grasshoppers and the trout must know it because they take imitations of them
eagerly. You will also find beetle imitations to be very effective during late
September in this section of the river. .

I wouldn't call the Gardner River a prime destination during September, but if
you are in the area you may want to stop and try it during the later part of the