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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Grayling Creek - September

One thing about fishing Grayling Creek during the month of September is that
you will probably be by yourself. It's the most overlooked easy-to-access stream
in Yellowstone National Park anytime but especially during September when the
clouds settle down some.

Don't expect to catch any World records from Grayling Creek. Most small
freestone streams have small fish. The average trout in Grayling Creek is only
about eight to nine inches, even though some grow much larger. There's one
exception to that. Before the month is over, large brown trout will move out of
Hebgen up into Grayling Creek to spawn. You may be pleasantly surprised if
you spot or hook one of those.

The lower end of Grayling Creek flows through Grayling Canyon and is difficult
to access. There are many parts of the stream in the canyon that probably
never sees an angler. You can access some of the stream outside of the park
along Grayling Road provided you fish at the bridges. Of course, when the
creek exits the park, you must have permission from the land owners to fish
areas of it on private property. Access inside the park is plentiful and easy as it
gets. The stream follows closely along the road in most places. If you fish any
area of it that isn't close to the road, you will probably be the only one that has
done so in a long time. Most anglers traveling along highway #191 are either
headed to or from other destinations, including the Gallatin River that also flows
many miles along the highway closely.

Although you are always better off fishing an imitation of something that is about
to or that is already hatching, generic and attractor flies work quite well in this
little stream. The trout are not very picky. There are lots of them and in general,
they are easy to catch. If you are traveling down highway #191, stop and give
Grayling Creek a try. It will only take a few minutes to find out why we list it.
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