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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Gallatin River - September

The Gallatin River isn't what I would call a top notch fly fishing destination for
Yellowstone National Park during the month of September, but it is a stream that
is worth fishing, especially if you are staying in West Yellowstone Montana or
traveling on highway #191. You can catch plenty of trout there but I have never
been able to top what we normally can catch in July, for example. That may be
the problem and why I don't call it a top destination. Maybe I expect too much of
it in September.

The Gallatin is one of the coldest streams in Yellowstone Park. In all likely hood,
It has already snowed in the Madison Range near where the Gallatin River
begins. It will have several times by the end of September. In other words, the
Gallatin will be getting on the cold side before the month is over. You may have
to resort to fishing nymphs to catch fish, but that will certainly produce plenty of
trout. Most of the time we have still be able to catch some trout on the dry fly.
Hatches of Blue-winged Olives will take place for certain.

You may want to try some of the lower stretches of the Gallatin River near where
it exits the park. You may even try the tail ends of the larger pools. If you do use
a nymph, there is one thing for certain. You will catch plenty of fish, its just that
many of them may be Rocky Mountain Whitefish, not that there is anything
wrong with those, but you will have to wade through them to catch the trout most
of the time.

Also be aware that the conditions of this river will change a lot from the first of
September to the end of the month. Brown trout will begin to spawn but there
are not that many of them. All in all, you won't go wrong if you take time to fish
the Gallatin River but there are plenty of other destinations in the park that are
better during September.