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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Firehole River - September

The Firehole River finally starts to cool down in September. If is difficult to say
just exactly when but by the first of September it is usually cool enough for some
decent fishing near Biscuit Basin. By the middle of the month, the entire river will
be in great shape and maybe much sooner, depending on the weather and
amount of precipitation.

Nothing beats getting out on the Firehole River early on a September day and
just looking at the steam rise from the geysers over the brown and tan grass of
the meadows. You can almost feel the next cast is going to produce a nice
Firehole rainbow or brown trout.

Don't overlook Iron Creek or the Little Firehole River. They both are wonderful
little streams to fish during September. Nez Perce Creek is the other major
tributary that should produce well in September. Large brown trout move up
these streams in preparation to spawn.

You should see plenty of Blue-winged Olive hatches starting with some smaller
species and ending up near the end of the month with plenty of larger size
baetis.  You will have some long-horn caddis including plenty of White Millers.
They should be thick early in the evenings just before dark. There will also be
plenty of Spotted Sedges. Caddisfly action is usually great all month but you will
need to fish very late in the day.

The fast water section will produce plenty of trout as well as the meadows. You
can catch lots of smaller rainbows in the Firehole Canyon during September and
occasionally get a shot at a large one. Large brown trout will start moving into
the canyon to spawn before the month is over..
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