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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Madison River - September

The Madison River really turns on during the month of September but the exact
time is difficult to predict from year to year. You can almost be assured that by
the middle of the month, things will be in great shape just about any season.
The water temperatures need to get down into the mid-sixties or lower and it is
usually lower by then. There may even be a couple of light snows by that time.

One big factor is the rainbow and brown trout moving out of Hebgen Lake into
the river. It can start as early as late August but by the middle of September,
you can just about count on the migration. It also depends on water levels in the
lake to some extent, and of course, the weather. These fish are usually large
and will take soft hackle flies, nymphs, streamers and terrestrial flies well at

The meadow sections is the areas above the Seven-mile Bridge always
produces well. You may have some competition in the way of other anglers but
that's only because the fishing is usually great. You will also get to see the
herds of elk that  usually have a huge bull keeping them pinned down well. They
are exciting to watch.

By the middle of the month there are usually two hatches or I should say
different species of Blue-winged Olives. The first ons will be small olives but the
large trout will eat them without hesitation. Later on in the month the larger
baetis Blue-winged Olives will begin to hatch.

The late afternoon and early evening caddisfly hatches always provide plenty of
action if you are willing to hang with it until it's late. Both Spotted Sedges and
White Millers will be hatching and laying eggs during the month. All in all, the
Madison River is a great place to be in September.
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