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Yellowstone Trip Planning - Gibbon River - September

The Gibbon River can be a good stream to fish in September, especially during
the second part of the month. The water in the meadow sections, Gibbons
Meadows, Elk Park and what I call the Lower Gibbons Meadows, cools down
some and the trout become more active. The smaller trout in the faster water
sections of the river really turn on.

The best part about the Gibbon River is it receives little pressure from other
anglers in September. Most anglers on the Western side of the park are fishing
the more popular Firehole and Madison Rivers. It's also a beautiful time to fish
the meadows. The colors are beautiful, or at least they are to me. Elk will be
bugling and the air will be cool. It will once again feel like trout season. The hot
weather of August should be long gone. It will probably snow a couple of times
or more during September.

I like to walk the banks in an upstream direction, casting a larger nymph or
streamer in the meadow sections close to the undercut banks. You can
sometimes hook a very good fish doing that. You can also do well most of the
time with soft hackles. Most likely you will need to wade to do that successfully.
Just cast the fly across or slightly down and across and let it swing around. You
need to fish in a downstream direction doing this.

Don't forget terrestrials. They will be effective in the meadow sections even after
the first couple of frost. I like to walk the banks fishing in an upstream direction
keeping the fly close to the banks. It is difficult to beat our Japanese Beetle for

Don't overlook the possibility of flying ants. You never know when to expect
them. Just make sure you have some flies to match them.
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