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Fishing And Imitating Terrestrial Insects On Yellowstone Streams -
Part 2

Terrestrial fishing has been going on for some time now in Yellowstone country.
Hatches slacked off in most of the park's streams a month ago and many
anglers have been trying to fool the trout will imitations of ants, beetles and

Most all the streams in Yellowstone National Park have meadows along their way
at one point or another. Some are mostly meadow streams. Few do not have
any meadows. It doesn't take a meadow to produce terrestrial insects but they
do have more, especially more grass hoppers. The timber sections of the
streams have some hoppers but probably more ants and beetles. Imitations
work anywhere in the stream at times but your odds are probably higher in the
meadows, provided they are not pressured too much by other anglers. Those
meadows in Soda Butte Creek, Slough Creek and the Lamar River are the ones
that have received the most pressure in recent days. With the cooling weather,
many other streams with meadows should start producing well. The Gibbons,
Firehole and Madison meadows will soon become prime locations. The Bechler
meadows are in their prime right now. It's rare they are over-pressured. There
are meadow sections on the Fall River also, but access is even more difficult
and the trout are not quite as large as those in the Bechler meadows.

Don't overlook the small stream meadows. There are many that provide
fantastic fishing in September. Few anglers will try them because of the cooling
water in the more popular large streams. There's nothing to rival a large trout
coming up to eat a hopper floating on the surface. If you are in Yellowstone
Country during the month of September, terrestrials should certainly be on your
list of flies to have.
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