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All Barbless Hook Rule Confusing To Many:

In talking to many anglers that fish are fishing or planning on fishing streams
inside Yellowstone National Park, I have noticed many of them are either
unaware of or not familiar with the park's barbless hook rule. I have talked to
anglers that thought that meant the hooks must be the factory barbless hook
styles and
were not aware you can use a standard hook with a barb as
long as you pinch the barb down.

We don't sell the factory barbless hook flies at "Perfect Fly" for one simple
reason. Most all anglers use barbed hooks when they are fishing streams other
than those in Yellowstone National Park including those in the greater
Yellowstone area outside the park. It's a pain to keep the flies you need
separated as to barbless and non barbless hooks. It's also a waste of flies and
money if you are not going to use the barbless hooks otherwise. If you don't use
all the flies you buy for fishing Yellowstone, if they are not factory barbless
hooks, you can use them elsewhere as long as you haven't flattened the barb.

The park fishing regulations state: The hooks must be barbless
or barbs must
be pinched down with pliers.
You do not have to use factory barbless flies
that are otherwise useless to most anglers that fish barbed hooks elsewhere.