Brown Drakes
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Brown Drakes - (Ephemera simulans) - Duns and Spinners

Since the duns hatch for the most part at night and stay on the water only for a very
short time there is little advantage to fishing the dun pattern when you can fish the
nymph or emerger pattern. However, It is easier to fish a dry fly than a nymph at night
and you may prefer to try it.

A presentation that puts your fly in the area of the stream where you can best see it in
the low light conditions may be the best way to go about it.  

Spinner falls occur during the night as a general rule. You may get some action if you
enjoy night fishing.

Normally a down and across presentation works best in the slow moving water that
brown drakes are found in. At night, I would assume you would want to take advantage
of the most available light. We have not tried fishing the Brown Drake hatch in the
evening hours.

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