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New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section -  Blacktail Deer Creek
We recently added a new stream section in our Perfect Fly website for the
Blacktail Deer Creek in Yellowstone National Park. This stream is located
between Mammoth and Tower. The road crosses Blacktail Deer Creek not far
beyond the Gardner River at the high bridge if you are headed East.

This is a rugged little stream but fairly easy to access in most places. It is best to
go downstream a good distance and then fish back upstream in the creek bed.
The fish will take just about any dry fly this time of the year, but if you use
imitations of those insects hatching or about to hatch, you will increase your
odds considerably. It's a small stream but it has a huge population and a large
diversity of aquatic insects. Right now, terrestrials are popular for fishing
Yellowstone National Park. They will also work on this little creek. Don't fish right
under the bridge. That's my private hole.

This is a great little Brook Trout stream. You can fish it in either direction from
the bridge, or downstream from the trailhead for the Blacktail Deer Creek Trail
that takes you to the Yellowstone River. Here's our
four page section on
Blacktail Deer Creek.
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