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New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section -  Middle River
We just added a new stream section in our Perfect Fly website for the Middle
River in Yellowstone National Park. This stream is located at the East Entrance
of the park coming in from Cody, Wyoming.

One reason this area Is not fished very much by visiting anglers is that it's
located in an area known for grizzly bears. You also have to pass up the
Shoshone River to get there. It's a small stream but its well worth fishing. It is
very easy to access because it's just off the road leading into the park although
usually out of sight.

We have never seen another angler fishing this stream. You most likely will have
plenty of space and water to fish. I would carry some bear spray anytime you
fish this one. We haven't but we probably were not being very smart.  

Both large brook trout and some very nice cutthroats are found in the stream.
Browns move into the lower section from the Shoshone River in the Fall. Here's
four page section on the Middle River.
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