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New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section -  Lewis River
We just added a new stream section in our Perfect Fly website for the Lewis
River in Yellowstone National Park. You pass alongside and over this river on
your way into the park from the South Entrance Gate.

It's off to your right down deep in a canyon when you first start up the mountain
just inside the park. At the top of the mountain, you will see it change into a
completely different type of stream. There and up to the bridge on the South
Entrance Road, the stream is wide and smooth flowing.

The stream above the bridge changes back to fast, pocket water with some
cascades before it leaves Lewis Lake. The best part of the stream is probably
the Lewis Channel, the section of river between Lewis and Shoshone Lakes.
Large brown trout can be caught in this section during the pr-spawn stage.

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four page section on the Lewis River
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