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New Yellowstone List of Flies Needed Now:

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New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section -  Duck Creek
We just added a new stream section in our Perfect Fly website for Duck Creek
and its many small tributary streams in Yellowstone Park. In addition to Duck
and Cougar Creek, or Maple Creek, whichever name you want to use, there's
Campanula Creek, Gneiss Creek, and Richards Creek in the same area.

These small streams are basically meadow streams and for the most part are in
the bear management area, so be sure to check out the current regulations
regarding that if you want to fish them. I'm not certain whether these streams are
just average or that the locals want to keep them downplayed. I have never
seen anyone fishing either of them. I hear the only ones that ever fish the
streams are locals. That's enough to make me want to fish them although our
results hasn't been that great. All meadow streams are a little more difficult to
fish due to the slow to moderate water speed.

Check out our new
four page section on Duck Creek. This is an excellent stream
to try at the present time.
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