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New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section -  Snake River
We recently added a four page section on the Snake River that is inside the
Yellowstone National Park to our "Perfect Fly" website Stream section. This
great river begins its 1056 mile journey in the Southeast Corner of the park.
This is the most remote region of the park.

The Snake River isn't a popular destination in the park because there is only
one point you can access it without having to hike for miles. The Heart Lake
area of the park is very remote and requires one or more overnight stays to visit
the area. Most of the anglers that fish the upper part of the Snake River in its
headwater area is more interested in hiking and camping than fishing.

The river has several species of trout including brown, rainbow, brook, cutthroat
and even lake trout but by far the most of them are cutthroats. Large brown
trout move out of Jackson Lake into the lower section of the Snake River to
spawn in the fall.

Some of the river is almost impossible to fish because it is in a very deep, steep
walled canyon. There are also meadow sections that hold the larger trout.

Check out our
new four page section on the Snake River