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New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section -  Yellowstone River
We recently added a seven page section on the Yellowstone River that is inside
the Yellowstone National Park to our "Perfect Fly" website Stream section.
Yellowstone River is one of the most popular trout streams in the nation. It's
known for its huge cutthroat trout that exist in its diverse waters. The river flows
from outside the Southeast corner of the park all the way though it to exit near
Gardiner Montana at the Northwest corner of the park.

We divide this stream inside the park into four basic sections - the headwater
section or twenty-five mile stream above Yellowstone Lake; from Yellowstone
Lake to the Grand Canyon; from the Yellowstone Grand Canyon to the head of
the Black Canyon and the Black Canyon.

It is home to the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Yellowstone Lake hold the largest
population of them in the world. The river has cutthroat trout throughout the
entire park. It also includes its many tributary streams, the largest of which is the
Lamar River that is included in a separate section.

If you have never fished the Yellowstone River, you certainly should try to do so.
It's the largest river without a dam in the United States and the hearth of
Yellowstone National Park.

Check out our
new seven page section on the Yellowstone River
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