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The streams in Yellowstone National Park are still running high from melting
snow and rain:
Firehole River:
Gibbon River:
Gallatin River: (Outside Park)
Madison River:
Gardner River:

New "Perfect Fly" Website Stream Section - Firehole River
We have recently added the Firehole River to our "Perfect Fly" website Stream
section. This would normally be the place to be during the first of the season. It
will be still be your best early season choice when the water recedes some more.

The Firehole River is one of the most fascinating trout streams you can fish. It's
uniquely different from other streams in the park and in the World, for that
matter. The thermal influence of geysers, its varied types of water, high
population of aquatic insects, and many other things makes it one of the most
desirable trout streams in the park to fish - provided the stream conditions are

It isn't usually easy to find or catch the wild rainbows and brown trout from the
Firehole River. The longer it gets into the season, the more difficult they seem
to be to catch. It is a popular stream with both anglers and tourist. Check out our
new four page section on the Firehole. There are over thirty images of the
stream taken at various locations throughout the fly fishing season.