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Worst Grasshopper Outbreak In Years - Bring it On!

Of course I am kidding, not about the outbreak that is forecast, but about
bringing it on. It sounds great from a fly fishing standpoint, but it could very well
hurt the farmers and ranches and that would not be good.

Never-the-less, fly anglers cannot control what happens and we may as well
take advantage of it. It looks like 2010 is going to be a good hooper fishing year.
Many of the streams in the park as well as streams nearby outside the park are
meadow streams with very high grass surrounding them. Even those that are
not meadow streams have lots of grass and of course, grasshoppers.

Most summer afternoons are windy at the high altitudes of the park. Often they
are strong enough to blow hoppers into the streams in large numbers. I may
also note that on streams like the South Fork of the Snake and Yellowstone
Rivers (just for two examples) that are outside of the park have acres upon
acres of hay fields surrounding them. The numbers of grass hoppers are very
high along such streams even on a normal year.

It could be that the trout could possibly even become selective on the hoppers
in such places. We will have to wait and see but it appears this is going to be a
very good hopper fishing year.
Here's the prediction.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh
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