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New Gallatin River "Perfect Fly" Stream Section

Please check out our "Perfect Fly" website stream section which now includes
the Gallatin River inside Yellowstone National Park. This section covers just
about everything you need to know to fish the popular Gallatin River. It is one of
the coldest streams in the park and probably won't be in good condition until the
middle of June and possibly the first of July. We thought you would be interested
in reading about it and seeing the many images of the stream.

It is one of our favorite small streams because it is full of trout, easily accessed
and easy to wade. It is a perfect picture of a small dry fly stream. Although the
fish in the park section of the river generally run on the small side, we have
caught some that are sixteen inches in length. Most of the trout range from
about ten to twelve inches with plenty of them around fourteen inches. The
upper part of the river's species consist mainly of cutthroats, cutbows and
rainbows. There are a few browns in the park.

If you visit Yellowstone National Park to fly fish this season, don't overlook the
Gallatin River. It usually has only one problem. It can become crowded along the
highway, but in essence, that is a good problem because it indicates the great
fishing that's available.
The Gallatin River.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh