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Yellowstone Season Opening - New Fly List

We are starting a new section that will list the flies you need to fish Yellowstone
Country. It will be constantly updated as the hatches change. It will be divided
into two parts. One list will be for flies needed for the streams inside Yellowstone
National Park and the other list will be for the flies you need for the streams
outside of Yellowstone Park that are in the nearby vicinity.

We hope this will help you be better prepared for you trip to Yellowstone this
season. Many anglers have a problem in reading the hatch charts and selecting
flies from it, so this should make it very simple to get the right flies for the time
you will be fishing.

There are many streams in Yellowstone Country to choose from. It's impossible
to fish them all or even get close to accomplishing that. There are always certain
streams that require specific flies for hatches that may occur only in that
particular stream. In those cases we will note the stream we are listing the flies
for so you don't end up with flies you want need.

For the past ten years, all of our flies have been tested and used successfully in
Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding streams. They are all far more
imitative in both appearance and behavior than any of the standard or generic
flies sold locally. We hope you will give them an opportunity to work for you. You
feel confident, you won't be disappointed.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh
Note: Click Here For Flies Needed for
streams in
Yellowstone National Park
Note: Click Here For Flies Needed for
nearby streams
Outside Yellowstone Park