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Yellowstone Season Opening Flies:
It appears the weather is delaying the snow melt and will allow some good
opportunities come opening day. The Madison is fishable now using streamers.
The Firehole is in good shape for this time of year and if the long range weather
forecast holds up, it should fish well from the opening day. It is really a little early
to tell for certain because the weather at the altitude of even the lower parts of
the park at the 6000-7000 foot range can change fast. If I had a choice, I would
select next weekend over the following one, but that is just a guess. Sooner or
latter the melting snow will change the Firehole, Gibbons and Madison Rivers.
Most all of the other rivers in the park will not be in good shape for a few days.

There are two main mayflies that you will need to be able to match come
opening day. That is the PMD, Pale Morning Dun, and the Blue-winged Olives. I
would have nymph imitations for both just in case the dry fly fishing isn't
happening. The nymphs will produce during the pre-hatch period very well. Of
course you need emergers, duns and spinners mayflies.

You should also have some caddisfly patterns. The Little Black caddis may still
be around and it wouldn't hurt to have some pupa and adult imitations. I would
also recommend some White Miller pupa and adult imitations and some Spotted
Sedge larva, pupa and adult imitations.

Don't forget to have some streamers. I think Sculpin patterns work best at this
time of the year. It would also be a good idea to have some Salmonfly nymph
and adult imitations in case the hatch starts early in the Firehole Canyon.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh