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New Website Section - Trip Planning:
As we did yesterday, we are linking another one of our new trip planning pages.
This page covers the Firehole River during the month of June. The Madison
Valley, inside the park, is the first area of the park to become fishable.

Water from the Firehole River is always warmer than the other streams in the
park. Aquatic insect hatches start occurring on the Firehole before any of the
streams in the park. In fact, the month of June is one of the best times to fish the
Firehole River.

The Gibbon and Madison River run a close second in this regard. As we
mentioned before, it is possible to catch trout on the dry fly on the opening day
of the season in the Firehole River. That isn't always the case, of course, but it
often is. Here is the
Trip Planning section on the Firehole River for the month of

As mentioned in the article, there is one thing for certain. You sure want know if
you are not there. The weather is very unpredictable but fishing can be great on
the foul weather days. Guides and anglers will be there from all around
Yellowstone Park, from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Helena, Montana, because of
the fishing the great river can produce.

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