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New Website Section - Trip Planning:
As we did yesterday, we are linking another one of our new trip planning pages.
This page covers the Madison and Gibbon Rivers during the month of June.
The Madison Valley, inside the park, is the first area of the park to become
fishable. The reason is the lower level of the mountain ranges that surround the
valley and its watershed. They are not as high as most of the other mountains
surrounding the Lamar Valley drainage, Yellowstone River drainage, Gallatin
River drainage, or the Fall River in the Southwest corner of the park, for
examples. The snow pack surrounding the Madison River is the first to go. The
Gibbon River and the Firehole River both clear before most of the other streams
in the park. Since they form the Madison River, it too is one of the first to clear
from the spring runoff.

Another factor is both the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers have numerous gysers
that assist in warming the water in the early season. Water from the Firehole
River is always warmer than the other streams in the park. Aquatic insect
hatches start occurring on the Firehole before any of the streams in the park.
The Gibbon and Madison River run a close second in this regard. As we
mentioned before, it is possible to catch trout on the dry fly on the opening day
of the season in the Firehole River. That isn't always the case, of course, but it
often is. Here is the
Trip Planning section on the Gibbon and Madison Rivers for
the month of June.

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