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New Website Sections:
Sorry I have missed the past three days of posting. From the site statics, I know
there are many of you read these post daily whether the fishing season is open
or not. I appreciate that very much.

The past few days we have been busy designing our new sections of the
website. It's mostly the
Trip Planning section and the new "outside the park
section" of
Streams, coming very soon.

We have lots of new pictures to add to the site from our trips to Yellowstone and
Yellowstone country last year. We also have been acquiring some new
information from local people who live near the park about some little known

We will continue the post of other miscellaneous things that come up on a
normal basis soon. For now, we want to link some of our new parts of the trip
planning and streams section.

It's about four months prior to the opening of the Yellowstone National Park
season. Most all of the other area streams in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho
have different season opening dates. We will be providing that information and
a lot more in these new sections of the site.

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