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Destinations: West Walker River, California
The West Walker River is a pure freestone stream that starts in  the Eastern
Sierra Mountains. The upper portion or headwaters must be accessed by hiking
into the backcountry. The lower parts have several places it can be accessed.
This is a heavily stocked stream. Rainbow trout are mostly what you can expect
to catch but there are also some brown, cutthroat and brook trout. There are
some wild trout and maybe a few native Lahonton Cutthroat trout.

The spring runoff usually ends about the last of June and the water falls within
its banks. It then proceeds to become lower and lower and by the end of the
summer, it is usually low. This makes for constantly changing conditions for
fishing and of course, the fish.

This is a very nice looking stream. It flows through canyon areas and eventually
into Topaz Lake. Much of its water is used for irrigation. The stream is usually in
its best condition to fish during the late summer and early fall. Check out
West Walker River.

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