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Destinations: Hot Creek, California
Like Yellowstone's Firehole River, Hot Creek is a very strange stream thanks to
its hot springs that flow into what is classified as a spring creek. This stream has
the highest population of trout I know of. As many as 8000 to 10,000 trout per
have been recorded in this rather small stream. The water chemistry is perfect
for a huge number of aquatic insects that the trout feed on.

One great thing about Hot Creek is the way it is managed. It is barbless hooks
and catch and release only. The fish aren't exactly pushovers even at that high
population. Like most any other spring creek, Hot Creek has to be fished
correctly or you would be wasting your time. On the other hand, it is very
possible to catch a large number of trout from the stream when good
presentations are made with the right imitations.

There's a fish hatchery at its upper end but the stream itself is not stocked. All
of the trout are wild. Mammoth Creek flows into Hot Creek just below the
Check out California's Hot Creek.

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