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Destinations: San Juan River, New Mexico
The San Juan River in New Mexico is a prime fly fishing destination. It's a
tailwater that flows from Navajo Dam in the northern part of the state not far from
the Colorado state line. It's one of the best tailwaters in the United States.

This stream can be fished year-round. It can be fished from a drift boat or
waded. The releases of the dam are very consistent and it's rare when the river
cannot be fished due to heavy discharges. It contains a huge population of both
stocked and wild rainbow and brown trout. The water temperature stays in the
mid forties year-round.

Midges are a prime source of food for trout in the San Juan River. Of course the
famous "San Juan" Worm was originated on this stream. There are few hatches
other than midges. Large trout are commonly caught on tiny flies smaller than a
hook size 20.

Check out the San Juan River, New Mexico.

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