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Destinations: Crystal River, Colorado
The name of this river isn't always very descriptive of it. It can muddy up fairly
easy from rain and melting snow. The Crystal River is a tributary of the Roaring
Fork River, although it doesn't join it until the Roaring Fork is almost terminated.

Like many other Colorado streams, the Crystal River starts in alpine meadows.
Its headwaters are near the little town of Marble, Colorado. It flows from there
through Redstone and downstream for about thirty-five miles. Parts of the upper
river flows through areas that have been mined and exposed, so when it rains
heavily in its upper parts, the water can become muddy.

This is one of the few streams that is stocked by the state of Colorado. Part of
the river doesn't support wild trout very well and parts do. Both rainbow trout
and cutthroat trout are stocked between Marble and Redstone. This section of
water provides a lot of fun for anglers that don't mind catching stocked trout.

I couldn't call the Crystal River a prime Colorado fishing destination, but it is
worth checking out if you happen to be in the area.
Here's the Crystal River.

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