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Destinations: St. Vrain Creek, Colorado
St. Vrain Creek is one of the most beautiful streams I have ever fished. It is a
perfect picture of a beautiful Rocky Mountain trout stream. It begins in Rocky
Mountain National Park. There are really three St. Vrain Creeks because it
consist mostly of three its North, South and Middle Forks.

The lower section contains mostly brown and rainbow trout but there are plenty
of cutthroats and brook trout in the upper part of the three branches. It is mostly
pocket water. The creeks fall from a very high altitude at a steep rate of decent
which creates its perfect pocket water habitat.

Although trout can be caught from its pools, the trout are usually much easier to
fool in the riffles and runs. If you enjoy small stream fishing, then St. Vrain Creek
will be an excellent destination for you. There can be a lot of tourist at certain
times of the year but the stream itself is usually not that crowded with other

Check out the beautiful
St. Vrain Creek.

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