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Destinations: The Big Thompson River, Colorado
The Big Thompson River is actually a tailwater but acts and behaves much like
a freestone stream. It begins as a series of small meadow streams located in
Rock Mountains National Park. These eventually flow into Lake Estes. The
section below Lake Estes is the most popular section to fish.

There is a ten mile long catch and release section of the stream. The best thing
about the Big Thompson River, in the opinion of many anglers, is the fact it is so
accessible. A highway follows most all of the stream. You will find numerous
parking areas along the way where you can stop and fish.

The river contains all four species of trout - rainbows, browns, cutthroats and
brook trout but the ones in the tailwater section of the river are mostly rainbows
and browns. Other than the meadow streams in its headwaters, the Big
Thompson River is mostly fast pocket water. The tailwater is controlled very well
from a fishing standpoint. Of course there are heavy releases at times, such as
during the spring runoff, but otherwise the dam discharges remain fairly stable
for most of the year. Check out the
Big Thompson River.

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