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Destinations: The Elk River, Colorado
The Elk River is another of Colorado's fine freestone streams. It has the same
problem many others have - limited public access. The Christina State Wildlife
Area in the lower section of the river is one of the few places you can fish. The
other areas are all in the uppermost part or the headwaters on the National
Forest Land where the North and South Forks of the Elk River merge.  Most of
the river flows through private ranch property.

The thirty-one mile long river is a tributary of the Yampa River. It has some fine
brown and rainbow trout in its lower section and most likely, in much of its
sections that flow through private property. The fish in its headwaters are mostly
small trout.

The fishing is strictly controlled by Mother Nature. Some years the
Elk River
has plenty of water and stays cool throughout the year and other years the
water gets low and too warm in its lower reaches. Don't think the river isn't worth
fishing because it is. The Christina State Wildlife Access provides excellent
fishing at times and the stream is rarely crowded due to the fine trout fishing the
Yampa offers.

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