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Destinations: The Uncompahgre River
The Uncompahgre River is a relatively small size tailwater with lots of big trout.
The Pa-Co-Chu-Puk State Park located below Ridgeway Reservoir is probably
the best area to access the river. There's about a mile and a half of public water
in the park. It has a catch and release section with lots of fish. There are a few
other areas with pubic access.

The river has brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout that are all wild fish. When the
dam was first built, they had a difficult time surviving in the stream due to the
fast water of the discharges from the dam. There were tons of large boulders
and rocks along with some other types of structure added to slow the flow of
water and create a more suitable habitat for the trout. That worked great and
the fish have not only survived, they have reproduced and faired very well in the

One big advantage of this river for Colorado anglers is that it can be fished year
round, even during the runoff period. It is located in a relatively low section of
Colorado and the weather is usually more suitable for fishing than most other
areas of the state. Trout can be taken on midges and blue winged olive hatches
during cold weather.

Uncompahgre River is an excellent small stream that anyone would enjoy
fishing. We hope you get to visit it one day.

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