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Destinations: East River, Colorado
The East River is not that well know but when you mention that it and the Taylor
River forms the Gunnison River, it usually dawns on most anglers at least the
area of Colorado it exit in. The only downfall for the average fisherman is that
much of the river flows through private property.

The area of water below the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery for about a mile is
open to the public. This is not far above the junction of the Taylor River or the
beginning of the Gunnison. There are some private outfitters that have rights to
the river in certain areas, but other than that, all but about a mile and a half is
private waters. Kokanee Salmon make a run up the river from the Blue Mesa
Reservoir to the hatchery where they were born, providing a variety other than
trout. This happens each fall and is strictly catch and release.

There is also some public water in the East River's headwaters above Crested
Butte in the Gunnison National Forest but it is mostly a small meadow stream
with small trout. There are some sections of pocket water that hold all four
species of trout - brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroats, but again, they are
mostly smaller fish in the headwaters. The river flows in a southerly direction
from Emerald Lake until it reaches the Taylor. There are much larger brown and
rainbow trout in this long section. The problem with it, like many other Colorado
locations, is the lack of public access, otherwise the
East River  would be much
more popular than it is.

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