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Destinations: The Taylor River, Colorado
The Taylor River is a very small tailwater with very big trout. In fact, it has some
of the largest trout in the state. The reason is the ample amount of food in the
form of mysis shrimp.

The water from the Taylor River joins the water from the East River and forms
Colorado's famous Gunnison River about twenty miles below the dam at Taylor
Reservoir. It flows through Taylor Valley on its way to the Gunnison. Much of the
water in the middle and lower section of the Taylor River is fast moving pocket
water. You wouldn't recognize it as a tailwater unless you happen to see the
dam or otherwise know. It looks much like a freestone stream. The flows from
the dam are controlled well from a fishing standpoint.

Most anglers fish the catch and release section just below the dam but the other
nineteen miles of water provides great fishing. The large trout below the dam
are tempting but they are fished for heavily and difficult to catch most of the
time. You are much better off fishing other sections of the stream most of the
time. Also, you may find the catch and release section crowded, even on a cold
winter day. As long as anglers can make it though the snow up the road, they
will be there to fish this fine stream. Check out our Perfect Fly sections on the
Taylor River.

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