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Destinations: South Platte River, Colorado
The South Platte River is one of Colorado's most complicated rivers for sure. It
flows through a series of lakes and reservoirs creating a huge diversity of trout
water. You could classify most of the river as a tailwater but even the tailwaters
are quite different from one another. When you are talking about fishing the
South Platte River, you have to be very specific or otherwise any thing you say
could be worthless.

Several areas of the water in the South Platte River are very popular trout
destinations and for very good reasons. They have some nice size trout. There
are canyon sections that are difficult to negotiate, long flat sections with easy
access, smooth sections that are difficult to fish, sections where the wind will
blow your hat shirt off your back, fast pocket water sections, and meadow
sections. I could go on even farther. The lakes and reservoirs within themselves
offer good trout fishing opportunities. In the final run, the South Platte River
really becomes important. It supplies the drinking water for the City of Denver.

Although much of the water flows through private property, there is still plenty of
water that the public can access. There are several different special regulations
areas that control this fishery, so you have to make certain you are familiar with
them before fishing any of the sections of water. Check out Colorado's
Platte River.

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