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Destinations: Roaring Fork River, Colorado
The Roaring Fork is a 75 mile long river with a section of water classified by the
state of Colorado as Gold Metal Water. In other words, if you are not familiar
with the state's system of classifying streams, twelve miles of the river rates
among their best.

This river takes on the water from another great trout stream, the Fryingpan
River. It is another stream with Gold Metal water. The Roaring Fork is a tributary
of the Colorado River. Its headwaters are in the famous ski country near Aspen,
Colorado. The river is small in its headwaters with small cutthroats and brook
trout. The middle and lower sections hold larger rainbows and brown trout.

This river got its name from the fact it is so steep its water makes a roaring
sound. The Roaring Fork River has one of the steepest declines of any streams
in the state of Colorado. It is fast moving, pocket water at its best.

At the point the Fryingpan River's water enters the stream, the aquatic insect
population changes due to the water changing from a slightly acidic pH level to a
higher pH with lots of mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies. In its lower section the
Roaring Fork receives the water from the Crystal River. Click here to view our
Perfect Fly section on the
Roaring Fork River.

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