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Destinations: Cache la Poudre River, Colorado
The Cache la Poudre River is one of Colorado's best trout streams. The state
calls much of it their Gold Metal Waters, meaning the best trout water in the

Many streams in the state of Colorado have little public access. That isn't the
case with the Cache la Poudre. It has a huge amount of public access. In fact
most of the river is open to the public for fishing. This river flows from Rocky
Mountain National Park. It flows mostly along a highway to Fort Collins.

The river has all four species of trout - brook, cutthroat, brown and rainbows
and all the trout are wild. It is pocket water heaven. If you don't like fishing fast
pocket water, then you wouldn't like the
Cache la Poudre River. If you can
catch trout from fast pocket water anywhere else, most likely you would do well
fishing this river.

Most of its brook and cutthroat trout are found in the headwaters of the Rocky
Mountain National Park. The main part of the river contains mostly rainbows with
some browns mixed in. A western grand slam is possible in the upper section of
the river.

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