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Destinations: Gunnison River, Colorado
The Gunnison River is one of Colorado's best trout streams. They call much of it
their Gold Metal Waters, meaning the best. Both the streams that form the
Gunnison River are good trout streams - the Taylor and the East River. Most of
its water comes from water that has flowed through a dam, so I guess it is all
technically a tailwater, but the upper part, above Blue Mesa Reservoir acts and
look much like a freestone stream.

The water below Blue Mesa Reservoir is definitely a tailwater. It flows through
the Gunnison Canyon or Black Canyon which is probably the best part of the
river. It can be fished many times the upper section cannot be fished, even
during some of the runoff period.

The river not only has plenty of trout, it also has Kokanee salmon. They move
out of the Blue Mesa Reservoir upstream to spawn each season and fishing for
them can be good at times. The best fishing probably comes during the stonefly
hatches that occur in the Canyon Section of the Gunnison. Several large trout
are usually taken during the period of time the Salmonflies and Golden
Stoneflies are hatching each year.  

Gunnison River Canyon is a remote and very well maintained area that is
worthy of any fly anglers attention. We hope you get an opportunity to fish it.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh