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Destinations: Blue River, Colorado
The Blue River is just over the hill from Denver, Colorado, so to speak. You can
access the river just off the main Interstate highway. In fact, anglers fish it from a
parking lot at one of the larger shopping centers in Silverthorne. It is a tributary
of the Colorado River.

Dillon Reservoir supplies the water for the upper part of the river.  Farther
downstream, the Blue River flows into the Green Mountain Reservoir. The
reservoir provides both the water and the food for the trout. Mysis shrimp were
put into the lake some time ago and when they get through the dam, the trout
dine on them. The mysis shrimp account for the very large size of the trout in
the Blue River. It has a good population of rainbows, brown and brook trout. It
has special regulations requiring catch and release only just below the Dillion
Reservoir in what the state of Colorado calls its Gold Metal Waters.

Below Dillion Reservoir, the Blue River flows into the Green Mountain Reservoir.
There are several miles of the river that has good access and some nice size
trout, although they are not as large as those below Dillion. Route #9 flows
along the entire length of the river. Above Dillon Reservoir, its a smaller
freestone stream.

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Colorado's Blue River.

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