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Destinations: Arkansas River, Colorado
Today, we will feature another Colorado River from our Perfect Fly website's,
Stream Section - the
Arkansas River. This one starts at one of the highest
places in the state that is along a normal Colorado highway - Leadville,

The second time Angie and I visited its headwaters, we traveled up the mountain
to the little town of Leadville, Colorado in the opposite direction we traveled on
our first visit there. It will be my last trip there in that direction. To be point blank,
traveling along that highway scared me. I have flown thousands of miles in my
own private airplanes without getting scared of heights, but that drive bothered
me. It was cliff hanging for miles it seemed. Add a little snow and ice on the road
and you scare me even more.

The river gets larger as it flows downhill from nearby Leadville until it exits the
state of Colorado many miles from there. It is best known for its huge caddisfly
hatch that takes place in the month of April each year. You will think every
angler in the state of Colorado is there if you visit the stream during the Little
Black Caddisfly hatch. The hatch is called the Mother's Day hatch in most areas
of the West. Driving along the river in April can prove dangerous. Your
windshield can become completely covered with these caddisflies.

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