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Destinations: Colorado River, Colorado
We will jump aways from Yellowstone National Park for a while and feature some
other western fly fishing destinations. The first one is the
Colorado River, a
very long river with great trout fishing from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountain
National Park to near its exit from the state of Colorado.

You wouldn't think so, off hand, but most all of the river is a tailwater. In fact, it is
several tailwaters because right outside of the Rocky Mountains National Park,
the Colorado River is dammed more than once. It flows through a series of

Along the Colorado's way westward, it receives the water of several other
notable trout streams and rivers in Colorado. Water from the Frazier River, Blue
River, and Roaring Fork River are some that come to mind. The stream
becomes rather large near Glenwood Springs and doesn't resemble the small,
meadow stream it begins as in the park.

Instead of small cutthroats and brook trout, the stream ends up with lots of
rainbows and large brown trout before it becomes too warm for trout. What is
even more amazing about this river, it that all of its water is somehow used by
man before it exits the country. They fight over it. The melting snow in the Rocky
Mountains provides water for many dry desert areas of the Southwest.

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