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Destinations: The Big Lost River Tailwater, Idaho
The Big Lost River in Idaho is a small stream with some big rainbow trout. The
trout in this stream are reputed to average about 17 inches in length with some
exceeding 25 inches. That is huge.

It is a tailwater of the Big Lost River, as the name implies, which is one of Idaho's
little known and probably under-fished rivers in the middle of no where. The
McKay Reservoir provides its water and like many other tailwaters in the state of
Idaho, the agriculture needs prevail far over the fishing use.

The only problem with this river, which is the same as with many others, is the
level of the water. It is controlled by mother nature from snow runoff, rain and
the diversion of water for other use. The stream is rarely fishable in the early
summer until about the first of July. The water is usually still high then but
fishable. The best time to catch this tailwater at its best is usually in the early
Fall season. The stream can be low, clear and difficult to fish but that is when
most of the big rainbows are caught. Sight fishing nymphs is popular then. If you
haven't ever tried this fine stream, you should. It is a truly unique river with great
fishing opportunities provided you catch the water levels right. .

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