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Destinations: Big Wood River, Idaho
The Big Wood River is one of the State's better trout streams. It is located in
the popular resort areas of Sun Valley Idaho. The stream is not far from the
famous Silver Creek or the Lost River.

The Big Wood River gets its name from the big cottonwood trees that line much
of its banks. This is purely a freestone stream that is totally subject to Mother
Nature. Snow and rain determine the amount of water provided for the river, but
she alone does not determine what remains there. Agriculture use of the water
also determines just how good the fishing is.

This is primarily a rainbow trout stream although the lower sections have some
brown trout. The Big Wood flows into Magic Reservoir. The thing that impresses
me from being different from many freestone streams in the area is the way the
water changes from fast moving pocket water with huge rocks and boulders in
its headwater areas, to a more Beaverkill type of appearance with the classic
pool, run and riffle type of water. The large rocks disappear as the decline of
the river decreases. Cobble and small rocks form the streambed in its middle
and lower sections.

This river can stay on the cold side later than one might expect. It drains some
very high areas and depending on the snowpack, it may be later in the season
before the water warms up enough for most hatches to begin. Looking at the
water on an nice Spring day, it usually tends to look warmer than it usually
actually is. You better take your thermometer if you fish it early in the season.

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