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Destinations: Fly Fishing the Beaverhead River, Montana
Whenever you want to focus on brown trout, you may want to consider
Beaverhead River. It is one of the top streams for browns in the
state. The Beaverhead River is a tailwater created by the Clarke Canyon Dam.
The river is divided into two sections because of the Barretts Diversion Dam
located 16 miles below the Clarke Canyon Dam. It is strictly an agriculture
diversion dam but it can drastically affect the water flows at certain times of the

This is a relatively small stream. You can cast all the way across it in most
places. It is also difficult to wade in certain areas. Anytime the water is above
much higher than normal, you can just about forget wading. That is the only
thing I don't like about it. It is primarily a drift boat stream. Now there is nothing
wrong with drift boats. We enjoy fishing from them as well as anybody. We just
want to point out that wading can be difficult. On the other hand, during low
water periods, it may be the best bet in many sections of the river.

This stream is lined with cottonwood tress and bushes which provide a lot of
shoreline cover for the trout. It prevents fishing from the bank and it also
prevents lousy casters from catching trout. If you cannot accurately cast a fly
underneath the overhanging tree limbs and bushes, you will be at a
disadvantage. When you do that correctly, in the right place and the right time,
you will be rewarded with a nice size brown trout.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh