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Destinations: Fly Fishing Silver Creek, Idaho
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Silver Creek, one of the West's best trout streams.
All you have to do to fish one of the Nation's very best trout streams is to drive
up to a building and sign your name. You want even be asked any questions.
The Nature Conservancy requires that you sign in and other than your Idaho
license, that is it. I think anyone who fishes there should be very thankful for
what they have done but even that isn't required. You do have to agree to
release everything you catch.

You want hear much about Idaho's Silver Creek until you start hearing about
how difficult it is to fish. I guess that is true, but we have always been able to
catch a few of them. Catching one from its crystal clear water is a thrill - as much
of a thrill as I can imagine anyone wanting from the sport. The stream isn't a
pushover by any means. Catching its huge rainbow or brown trout isn't easy, but
it is very rewarding. It's exactly as I feel it should be. All it takes is doing
everything right. When that is done, the fish respond to your flies. When you
don't, you will not be rewarded with anything.

Angie and I spent some time with some anglers that have fished Silver Creek
many times, and one in particular, almost everyday. Some advice from them
really helped but you may be amazed at the advise. It wasn't fish here, or fish
this fly or anything that is an easy solution or trick you could use. It was all
simply things. You have to hide from the trout. If they see you, it's over there.
The difference is, you have to make a perfect presentation when you do find
one, and by the way, you have to do that first. If you blind cast, you will go home
without any fish stories. If you show the trout your line or leader, forget that fish
and find another one. The trout are almost always eating or concentrating on
one insect. You must use a good imitation of what they are eating or you will be
ignored. I want go on. I will just say that it takes doing everything right. The
stream is full of large wild rainbow and brown trout. What is especially pleasing,
is when you catch one, you know you are being rewarded for doing things right.
It can be done. Our first day there, Angie caught three nice rainbows within the
first two hours.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh