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Destinations: Fly Fishing the Blackfoot River, Montana
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Montana's Blackfoot River.

Large rivers with wild trout are so common in Montana, some of the better ones
get little attention. Before the Internet, the hard copy media printed little about
streams like the Blackfoot River. I believe there was a simple reason for it. They
didn't have any large companies willing to spent big bucks with them on ads.
Most of the publications want to hide the fact, if not outright deny it, but money
does greatly influence what they write about. That's completely understandable.
Fly fishing magazines aren't charities.  

Thanks to our own "Perfect Fly" website, we are perfectly content to bring you
the "Blackfoot River" without any compensation. The State of Montana calls the
Blackfoot River one of their 12 renowned "Blue Ribbon" rivers. There's plenty of
water to fish. It is only 132 miles long. This river is also located close to some
other great trout streams.

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