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Destinations: Fly Fishing the Little Blackfoot River, Montana
Continuing on with our Destination Series of Streams, check this little sleeper
stream out -
Montana's Little Blackfoot River.

The Little Blackfoot River is a little known and rarely fished stream for two main
reasons. Much of it flows through private property and it is located remotely. All
of the upper part of the stream is accessible in National Forest but the middle
and lower sections are have limited access. Its closest populated area is Helena,
Montana, and that city isn't really that close to the stream. Helena has the
Missouri River and its great trout fishing, so few anglers travel to the Little
Blackfoot River.

This is a great stream to fly fish with a dry fly. After the runoff, the cutthroat trout
will take a dry fly in this stream until it begins to snow heavy in the Fall. You can
catch just about all the brook and cutthroat trout you want to catch anytime in
the upper section or headwaters. You probably want see another angler.

The middle and lower sections have access at bridges. Under Montana law, you
can fish up or down the stream as long as you stay in the water. Quite frankly, I
doubt if you would find any of the ranches that wouldn't allow you to fish on their
property as long as you asked. The stream seems to have a very good
population of brown trout in its middle and lower sections.

We have visited the Little Blackfoot a few times and on each occasion we have
been able to catch trout after trout. When you can do that in beautiful country
with only the wildlife watching, what more could you ask for.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh