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Destinations: Fly Fishing the Big Lost River, Idaho
Continuing with our Destination Streams sections in our new "Perfect Fly" site,
check out this stream that few non-Idaho anglers are aware of -
The Big Lost
River, Idaho.

This stream is in a section of Idaho not many fly fisherman would be traveling to.
They would be traveling in the nearby area, but not up the Big Lost Valley
without they were going there to fish this stream. Most anglers would be headed
to Silver Creek, or the Big Wood River in the general area of Idaho.

The Lost River Mountain Range and the Pioneer Mountain Range are some of
the most scenic of all the Rocky Mountains. The headwaters of the Big Lost form
in the Pioneer Mountains. When it comes out of a steep walled canyon in its
upper end, the river flows into the large Big Lost Valley. The main part of the
river, not including its headwaters, is seventy-five miles long. In addition to the
two branches of the Lost River, it has several smaller feeder streams that
provide some great small stream fishing.

The state has placed some special regulations on the fishing in this stream and
we expect that to work our great for this fine fishery. We expect it only to get
better over the years. If you ever get the opportunity to visit this part of Idaho,
we suggest you give this sleeper a try. Just seeing this part of Idaho makes it
well worth you time. You will think you are playing a part in a cowboy movie.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh