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Destinations: Fly Fishing The Green River, Wyoming
Moving on south of Yellowstone, our next featured stream near the Yellowstone
area is the
Green River of Wyoming. When most anglers think of the Green
River, they think of the Green River in Utah, which is a tailwater, below Flaming
Gorge Reservoir. The Utah Green River tailwater is a good tailwater but it isn't
the only Green River tailwater. There is another, little known, Green River
tailwater which is in fact, on the same river. This tailwater is below Fontenelle
Reservoir. Most of the tailwater runs through the wild, Seedskadee National
Wildlife Refuge. When I say wild, I mean wild. Angie and I spent two days there
and never saw another human. We saw a truck parked in the refuge but not the
person driving it. The only thing we saw was a lot of wildlife.

This may sound like a wild, wildlife story, but we almost got run over by a moose.
It is the same moose you see in the water on the "hatches" page. We spotted
the moose through our video camera zoom lens and then managed to crawl up
fairly close to it while it was still in the water. When we finally stood up to shoot
from our tripod, it spotted us and took off. I ran back to our vehicle, jumped in
and motored down the road to try to cut it off. I jumped out of the car, ran down
into a gully and stopped and waited. I finally decided it had changed its course,
so I started walking back up the trial. Here he came, wide open. Angie had
spooked it again and this time it was headed straight at me. I jumped off the trail,
camera and all, and it missed me by just a few feet running wide open. Needless
to say, I didn't get any more video of it. Would any of you like some advice?
Don't mess around with a moose.

The Green River runs for many miles through much of the state of Wyoming and
there are trout it's entire length until you get will below the Fontenelle tailwater.
There are 140 miles of freestone stream before it even gets to Fontenelle
Reservoir. The only part fished to any appreciable extent is the part near
highway 191 which goes to Jackson Hole.

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